Business Method

We blend project management and the best practices of recruiting methodology to deliver high quality candidates to your hiring managers. Candidates are pre-qualified, pre-screened and excited about working for your company.

Project Management:

  • Conduct a kickoff meeting with the hiring manager to determine specific position requirements, create a “marketing” position description and define project timelines.
  • Create a recruiting strategy to include targeted association/industry posting opportunities, establish competitor company and networking targets.
  • Create database tracking and status reporting documents.
  • Conduct pre-screening interviews with candidates and present qualified candidates to hiring managers.
  • Conduct weekly status meetings/conference calls with hiring managers and HR staff.
  • Identify finalists, conduct reference checks, negotiate offers.
  • Close the loop with candidates that were not chosen for the position.

Best Practices in Recruiting Methodology

  • We research and pursue the passive candidate from competitive companies as well as candidates actively seeking employment.
  • We use the latest internet sourcing techniques including Airs techniques, internet flip and boolean searches.

A Seamless Extension of Your HR Department

As a contract recruiting team, we are partners with your human resources staff. We communicate at each step in the process. We assemble the right team members with specific and recent experience in the current open position. We conduct weekly status recruiting meetings.

  • The HR Department can select which positions you want us to handle. Often, a company feels that the junior positions can be handled by a local ad and posting and will be easily covered by HR Generalists. However, we will gladly recruit and cover any position-from front desk to CEO
  • Postings- we can manage, renew and delete job postings-and will suggest specialized posting sites that may be great sources of quality resumes. We can track and report on posting effectiveness.
  • Manage incoming resumes for delegated positions
  • We are often asked to manage the flow of other contingency agency resumes – to take the burden off both HR and hiring managers. We strictly adhere to the principle that the best qualified candidate is the best qualified candidate-regardless of source. Neither hiring managers not HR staff members have to wade through marginally qualified resumes to cull a few individuals with the experience and background they are looking for.


Compare Models: Hourly versus Contingency Agency Commissions


The NWRPros team is able to deliver full cycle recruiting utilizing a project management model at a significant savings to you. Following is a comparison of our model with the standard agency commission model.

Contingency Model

Competing agency recruiters utilize high volume practices to present as many resumes as possible for your hiring managers to review. Candidates may or may not be pre-qualified.

NWRPros Contract Staffing Model

As your outsourced recruiting team, we bill on an hourly basis as you need us. Our collaborative team of recruiting professionals share resources and strategies to find the right person for your position. You will receive only pre-qualified candidates.

Instead of the typical agency fees of 20-30% of salary per hire, our costs range in the 12-15% of salary per hire! A significant savings!

NWRPros can work onsite or offsite- another potential cost savings. If offsite, no new offices or cubicles, PC’s or telephones. We can also work onsite and be always available for whatever emergency or needs arise. Often hiring managers like to see a face on a regular basis.


Collaborative Scalable Team

  • Our recruiting teams meet on a weekly basis to discuss positions we are working on. As we are out in the marketplace we keep all recruiting assignments in mind as we network at competing companies, as we canvas job boards and review resumes. Since recruiters work on an hourly basis versus commission, there is no need to compete. So the collaborative model benefits both recruiters and you as a company to fill jobs.
  • A scalable team that can “scale up” to take on special projects or “downsized” when the recruiting projects have been completed.

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